Led screen Faq

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Due to recent developments, LEDs can now be used as replacement to most of the existing luminaries in various establishments and fields. Hotels, supermarkets, taverns, museums, exhibition halls, show windows are just a few of the areas where NIT LED’s can be used.

Lifetime – It has a long useful life that last from 35000 to 50000 hours.
• Efficient – Emits more light which is not affected by size and shapes.
• Focus – It can direct light to where it is needed.
• Breakage resistance – No breakable parts like filaments or glass.
• Instant ON – Can turn on instantly without warming up.
• Size – Small size and compact can be easily populated on circuit boards.

LED is an abbreviation of light-emitting diode.
It’s a semiconductor device that converts electricity to light by using the movement of electrons. They do not have filament like the incandescent bulbs that’s why they don’t get hot.